Sell or rent real estate property

If you want to sell or rent your property you can do it directly or with the support of third parties. In the latter case, you can sign or not, an exclusive contract with a real estate broker, with its advantages and disadvantages. Sebastian Church Romsey

Currently, perhaps more than 80% of the real estate offer is sold through third parties; this reflects the high willingness, necessity and acceptance of the owners to receive help to distribute their properties. The difficult thing is to choose the right third party to whom to entrust his property and the terms so that he obtains the best benefits.

In this text, I will not analyze the convenience of hiring an agency or professional member of a recognized association, with the experience, preparation, certification, prestige and that has the contacts and technological tools according to the results you want to obtain.

I will focus on providing you with some criteria to help you decide the convenience or inconvenience of signing exclusivity with an agency or real estate broker and if you decide to sign, what elements you should consider to obtain the best benefits, reducing risks.

Teamwork with new technology
Most state-of-the-art agencies and real estate agents, in addition to sharing commissions, properties and clients, have programs and technology that allow them to:
1. By exclusive property, in addition to sending emails and information to potential buyers of their own portfolio, they will be offering it to other real estate companies that, in turn, can offer it to their clients, thus radically broadening the market.
2. When a buyer calls the intermediary, in addition to their own portfolio, they can offer properties from other real estate companies, almost at the speed of a click. Because of this, many buyers will not have time to visit properties that are not commercialized as such.

Advantages of exclusive signing
By signing with a well qualified real estate broker, in addition to being able to propose the property openly and make him responsible for the commercialization, he will do a market study, suggest a starting price, review his documentation, determine the profile of the potential client, it will suggest improvements to the property, it will indicate the net income that it will receive, it will do and it will pay for an adequate publicity.

You will receive calls from potential buyers and provide information, show the property in a professional manner, try to close and make the necessary preparatory contracts to formalize the operation and help you with notarial procedures, resolving setbacks.
It will also propose the property by different means to potential buyers and other real estate intermediaries, substantially expanding the portfolio of buyers.
Suppose that at a minimum they have 300 clients per broker, multiply them by 200 agencies (conservatively without counting the advisors). Perhaps there is 90% of potential buyers for the property.
If necessary, help potential buyers to manage your credit and inform you periodically about the promotion, customers, proposals and market, among others.